A YOUNG ASYLUM SEEKER DEAD DUE TO ILLNESS - Are asylum seeker health issues of being ignored?

At early hours of this morning Kareem, an Iraqi asylum seeker, lost his life at a Finnish hospital. We at the Right to live demonstration are waiting for more information on this tragic incident. According to some information he had been suffering from a serious medical condition and had not been well for a while. 

Kareem’s tragic passing away without any family members by his side shows the vulnerability of refugees in Finland, as asylum seekers in the midst of their asylum process are not eligible to access full health care.

We are extremely saddened by this incident and offer our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones. Meanwhile, we are very concerned of the asylum seekers wellbeing in Finland. We fear that the health and wellbeing of asylum seekers is threatened by the policies of the Finnish Immigration Service, if health care authorities are pushed to overlook medical needs of refugees and only limited access to healthcare is provided.

Right To Live
Press release
7th June 2017

Right To Live demonstration has cotinued now for #118 days.
#wewillcontinue #stopdeportations


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